I'm using the SmartTank on all CO2 monitors and modules.
Very satisfied with the product and time it saves to calibrate the CO2 units.
E. Sobovoy
PeaceHealth St John Medical Center
The SmartTank has been a great addition to our fleet of biomedical equipment test equipment. We do use the SmartTank multiple times throughout each month when doing our GE Healthcare respiration modules. We have quite the assortment of differing models that we test annually and the SmartTank makes testing these units faster and more efficient. We find that we are using less calibration gas which, over time, adds up in cost-savings. Great product!
D. Townson
Erlanger Health
From my point of view there isn't much in the way of time savings, but I do feel it is an easier process to remember for other techs that don't use it all the time. I do really like the cal gas auto off after 60 sec. We had issues with techs wasting a whole tank because they forgot to turn off the tank, so we are using less gas overall. Overall, I like the SmartTank and would recommend this unit to others.
R. Young
McKay Dee Hospital
The SmartTank has dramatically made it easier to test and calibrate our Philips Co2 modules. I used to dread the whole process and now its no more drama than any other standard test. Hook up the SmartTank and step through the prompts. Super easy! My guys really love this test device.
D. Miller
Logan Regional Hosptial
The SmartTank unit walks you through the steps to check the unit in a fast, efficient and logical procedure.
J. Burnsworth
Uniontown Hospital