Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Firmware for Your SmartTank

Keeping your SmartTank’s firmware up-to-date is essential for optimal performance and access to the newest features.

Important note: After updating the firmware, you may need to update some of your test sequences to ensure they function correctly. If you encounter any errors while running a test sequence that previously worked, update the test sequence, and try again.

Find all available sequence files at:

Follow these steps to update the SmartTank firmware.

1. CLICK HERE to download the latest firmware version to your computer or phone. If a version was sent to you via email, download and save to your device. This file will be named FirmwareUpdate_XYZ.bin with XYZ being the revision number.

2. Power on the SmartTank then connect it to your device using a USB cable.  The SmartTank should ask what kind of USB connection you would like to create.  Select Drive.  (If you don’t see the prompt, make sure the USB is properly connected and your device is in the proper mode).

3. You should now see a new drive on your device. Copy the firmware file over to the new drive. Do not place it inside a folder.

4. Press the SmartTank power button once to disconnect the USB drive. Press the SmartTank power button again to turn off the SmartTank. Press the power button a third time to turn the SmartTank back on.

5. The SmartTank will see the new firmware and ask if it should be installed. Press Yes. (Note: If you select no, the firmware update file you saved in the Smart Tank will be deleted and the firmware will not be updated.)


6. A second message will appear asking you to confirm the selection. Press Proceed.

7. The SmartTank will proceed to load the new firmware.  The screen will show the update progress.

8. A message will indicate the results of the update. Pressing Done will automatically restart the SmartTank and will also delete the update file from the SmartTank drive.  

9. Once completed, the SmartTank will automatically restart. The new firmware revision should show up on the initial screen.