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Product IDCO2 %O2 %N2O %AgentAgent %BalanceDescriptive Name
ST03005950None0Oxygen5% CO2; Balance Oxygen
ST0302554.536Desflurane2Nitrogen5% CO2; 54.5% O2; 36% N2O; 2% Desflurane; Balance Nitrogen
ST03055210None0Nitrogen5% CO2; 21% O2; Balance Nitrogen
ST0307500None0Nitrogen5% CO2; Balance Nitrogen
ST03081000None0Nitrogen10% CO2; Balance Nitrogen
ST0310550BalDesflurane2N2O5% CO2; 50% O2; Bal% N2O; 2% Desflurane; Balance N2O
ST031110250None0Nitrogen10% CO2; 25% O2; Balance Nitrogen