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What Is It?

The SmartTank is an all-in-one tester for CO2 gas modules and anesthesia monitors (like GE E modules E-sCO/E-sCAiOV, Philips 3015A/B, Philips 1026A, LoFlow, Capnostat and many others). The SmartTank automates the testing of these devices providing better testing in less time, using less gas – all documented in detailed test reports.

Preloaded test sequences walk the operator through each test step quickly and seamlessly. All the hardware needed to test gas modules is built into the SmartTank – replacing the need for separate gas regulators, flow meters, syringes, tubes, pressure gauges, barometers and even the service manuals.

The BEST way to learn about the SmartTank and how it can help your team is to schedule a free virtual demo. During the demo we will introduce the SmartTank and its features, walk through a typical PM using the SmartTank, and answer all your questions.