1. Download and save the new test sequences to your computer or mobile device. These files should have an extension of “.tseq”.
  2. Power on the SmartTank then connect it to your device using a USB cable. The SmartTank should ask what kind of USB connection you would like to create. Select Drive. (If you don’t see the prompt, make sure the USB is properly connected and your device is in the proper mode).

  3. You should now see a new USB Drive on your device.

  4. Navigate to the AllTests folder on the new drive.

  5. Copy the new sequence files into the AllTests folder. Replace any duplicates with the new versions.
  6. If you want the new test sequences to show up in your favorite list or if you are updating a test sequence that is already in your Favorites, copy another set of the sequence files into the Favorites.


  7. Once done, press the power button on the SmartTank to exit mass storage mode. The new sequences should show up in the pick list on the SmartTank.